Tuesday, May 12, 2009

All Superheros are Powerful in Their Own Way

Reading Daisy's superhero post reminded me of all the images I had gathered for my own superhero fantasy. Unsurprisingly, my superhero is a far cry from the candy-coated, pastel-powered superhero of Daisy's dreams. Mine rips white bread to shreds in a carb-driven anger, while making sure to take her vitamins and eat lots of protein for when she finds herself hanging from her ponytail by the act of some dastardly villain. Her uniform, a simple black bandage monokini, allows for optimal movement and hotness. And she and only she can make an iPod Mini armband or a silver boxing helmet look like the sexiest thing this side of stilettos. Because kicking bad guy ass in stilettos? Sooo not practical.

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