Wednesday, April 15, 2009

That Corpse You Planted...Has it Begun to Sprout?

I am only too aware that it is late for an Easter post, but things have been busy busy, and after all, April is the cruelest month... My mermaids deserve a personal style post, however, for their tastes are so laughably divergent that I felt it only right to share with the world.

Daisy looks as though she is off to the Protestant Church on Fifth Avenue in 1958...And Jordan appears to still be clad in her Easter Saturday finery for a romp around the gayborhood (which, I am told, is exactly the case).

How do two such different girls spend their Easter Sundays? Daisy finds a quiet corner to escape the crazy relatives and get in a little shut-eye...
While Jordan celebrates the most famous zombie story of them all by killing the computer-animated version with her loved ones.
Ah, Easter. Spring has sprung. One can be sure the mermaids will be out to play more often now...

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