Monday, March 30, 2009

Shorts & Headpieces

Though warmer weather always welcomes my bare legs, they are usually found poking out of the hems of skirts and dresses. What started as a silly dalliance in wearing shorts with heels, has evolved into a insatiable desire for high waisted 50's shorts. Combined with my love for Audrey cigarette pants, I fear my bum will be catching fewer breezes this spring than seasons past!

However, to be sure my pantalooned ensembles are sufficiently frivolous, I think blooming, bejeweled, and bowed headpieces will provide the supporting role in my romping outfits. (I will report back with an example once the perfect shorts have been taken off layaway!)

Fashion Sisterhood

While washing up in the ladie's room at work, a girl from the graphic design department of my distinctly fashion-challenged company eyed my polka-dot fifties-style housedress, purple lace-up cut-out pumps, and headband-adorned bun with obvious excitement. I caught her glancing over at least three times before she confessed the obvious: she loved my dress. Moments later she was spilling to me about how her neatly tailored button-down never quite ironed right in the back and I was lying back about how many times I'd ironed this dress, to no avail. In moments we were the best of friends. Just one more reason to overdress in an office full of jeans and sweatshirts!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tastycake Spring

I would like the cruelest month to be filled with pastry picnics (licking pastel frosting off my fingers, wearing pink ruffled party frocks), Saturday afternoon rose garden naps (in perforated leather booties), and early morning balloon flights to Le Petite Trianon for tea.